The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Museum of Contemporary Art, Gorgona Hall, Thursday 7 December 2017, 7.30 pm

Adelita Husni-Bey, Damir Očko, Eli Cortinas, Ibro Hasanović, Ana Hušman, Francesco Jodice, Marko Meštrović, Davor Sanvincenti

Curators: Branka Benčić & Igor Grubić

Organization: Kreativni sindikat

VIDEOFORUM screenings programme, organized by the 'Kreativni sindikat' association, brings a selection of the current international production of experimental, animation and artists' films. Beside its primary activity - film production, as a logical step in the association's development, 'Kreativni sindikat' has a goal of bringing together a selection of interconnected activities, all aiming toward research, understanding, contextualization, promotion, presentation of the recent audiovisual production by the Croatian and international contemporary artists - starting with self-produced work, and giving context to works by artists who find their ways in different formats, discourses and models, dealing with moving images, works balancing the fine line between existing canons of representation and production of film and artists' video, animation, experimental film, and -contemporary art, institutional framework of cinema production, festivals, galleries and museums. The programme provides a showcasing platform for the work produced outside of the entertainment industry context, often distant from the dominating narratives of the cinematographic production. VIDEOFORUM is formed as a meeting point between artwork and the audience, a place of conversation and discussion, of artistic appearances-mapping, found in the 'in-between' space - as a part of the critical form and praxis, overflowing with questions.

The programme comprises of two blocks of screenings, gathering works of eight Croatian and international contemporary artists of the same generation, but with varied backgrounds - like Adelita Husni-Bey with the film The Reading / La Seduta (2017), this year's Italian representative at the Venice Biennale, also Damir Očko with his The Third Degree (2015), shown at the Croatian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2015, or Eli Cortinas, the artist who researches female identity structure through film and collage. Ibro Hasanović uses the documentary approach to present the interview with Chantal Akerman, whereas the found footage idiom and the ‘archive-logic’ is what can be seen in Francesco Jodice's Atlante. Also included are freshly completed works by Marko Meštrović, Davor Sanvincenti and Ana Hušman. All film and video works included in the programme have the common source point, that being the research and poetic film metanarratives in the reference area of the film account, engaging the found footage praxis, feminist discourse or documentary film, contemplating the idea of traveling, or forming itself around the time-conceptualization attempt… in order to question the moving images production conditions, and the very reflection of the film camera, as the place where the magic of film occurs. - Branka Benčić


Programme 1:

7.30 pm
Damir Očko: The Third Degree (2015), 10'30"
Adelita Husni-Bey: The reading / La seduta (2017), 15'33"
Francesco Jodice: Atlante, (2015), 9'
Davor Sanvincenti: Almost nothing: So continues the night (2017), 12'

Programme 2:

08.30 pm
Marko Meštrović: Trip, (2017), 11'
Eli Cortinas: The one who walks (2014), 9'30"
Ana Hušman: I love you, Ines (2017), 14'30"
Ibro Hasanović: On Belonging (2016) 18'

The project is realized in cooperatin with KINO UMJETNIKA / ARTISTS’ CINEMA (Muzej suvremene umjetnosti & Apoteka – Prostor za suvremenu umjetnost)

VIDEOFORUM is supported by HAVC – Croatian Audiovisual Centre, and the City of Zagreb.

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