The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Tomislav Gotovac (Sombor, Serbia, 1937)



b/w photographs

12 x (29.5 cm x 19.5 cm). 98 cm x 87 cm

The series of black-and-white photographs under the title Heads was made in 1970. Twelve photographs (i.e., scenes/frames) in a regular rhythm of changing head positions - face from the front, profile, and the back of the head on the last photo – show the procedure of cutting hair and shaving a beard and moustache. On first four photographs the artist has his recognizable look: long hair, a beard, and a moustache. The second row of four frames shows a face without a beard and moustache. Finally, in the last four photographs, we see the artist with a shaven face and head. The photos look as if they were taken from police files, which makes a very provocative impression, unavoidably reminding one of the change in personal appearance and identity.

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