The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Kristina Leko (Zagreb, Croatia, 1966)



Multimedia installation (five-channel video and object installation)

Plate dimensions: 5 x (210 cm x 260 cm x 5 cm); 5 videos: 48'; 33'55''; 58'; 54'30''; 16'20'' loop; booklet 35 x 25 cm

In the complex media project America (2005), Kristina Leko adopts the down-to-earth perspective of little people, or more precisely women, immigrants in one of the American symbols – New York City and the borough of Queens, the ethnically most heterogeneous area in the entire United States. Here, in Astoria, in the largest oasis of Croatian immigrants in the United States, the artist finds her background for exploring the American Dream through the destinies of a dozen women belonging to different generations and different emigration waves, originating mostly from Istria, the North Adriatic, and the islands.

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