The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Božidar Rašica (Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1912 – Zagreb, 1992)



gouache / paper

47.5 cm x 62 cm

Božidar Rašica, architect, city-planner, stage designer and pedagogue, one of the key authors in Croatian post-war architecture, author of many urban solutions (Zadar, Rijeka) and public buildings (osnovna škola u Mesićevoj ulici u Zagrebu, paviljoni na Zagrebačkom velesajmu, stambena zgrada u Vukovarskoj ulici…). He stands out as author of number of radical stage designs following elements of Russian avant-garde. Although an architect by vocation, he is the author of the largest number of artworks in the spirit of EXAT. As a painter he does not follow the strict constructivist line but stands out as an author of poetic tempera and oil paintings, as well as gouaches.

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