The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Josip Vaništa (Karlovac, Croatia, 1924)

Infinite Cane / Homage to Manet


installation; chair, cane, top hat

87 cm x 112 cm x 50 cm

Josip Vaništa sought the necessary gear for this display-installation – a gilt chair, a cane, and a top hat – through an advertisement in Zagreb’s daily paper Večernji list. The only intervention on these objects, representing Manet’s qualities as a person of civil behaviour and education, Vaništa made on the cane. He joined the ends of two walking sticks and made a bizarre object that could no more fulfil its function. Actually, in the context of the sixties and “socialism with a human face” a top hat on one’s head was also impossible, the same top hat used by Gorgona members for their staged photographs.

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