The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

OHO Group

Documentation of the OHO Group (1967 – 1970)


56 x (49.8 cm x 34.8 cm)

photographs, texts, passepartouts, captions

The OHO group, whose name was formed via the synthesis of two words, oko ‘eye’ and uho ‘ear’, included numerous activities: writing poetry, especially visual and concrete, publishing different OHO issues, film production, and participation in happenings that often included random passers-by; this was a major part of their activity and linked them to the Fluxus movement. Most actions were performed in Zvezda Park, in the centre of Ljubljana. The performance Triglav, which took place in December 1968, was the climactic point of their public appearances. The highest mountain in Slovenia, which is also a national symbol, was incorporated by the heads of David Nez, Milenko Matanović, and Drago Dellabernardina, peeking out from under a giant sheet.

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