The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Dieter Roth (Hannover, Germany, 1930 – Basel, Switzerland, 1998)

Crash, 1965

Pencil, Indian ink, felt-pen / paper

37.5 cm x 23.5 cm

By the end of the fifties, Dieter Roth, painter, composer, musician, poet, and writer, was close to the circle of Zurich artists who worked in the spirit of concrete art. In the sixties he started to experiment, using bio-degradable materials. He made “imprints” with crushed bananas and used milk, cheese, sausages, and chocolate, counting on changes caused by decay and the melting of these organic materials. In the process of the transformation of life into art and vice versa, Roth abolished the boundary between the work of art and common, everyday objects.

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