The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb

Marketing Department

The key activities of the Marketing Department include promotion, sponsorship, sales, and the organization of marketing campaigns. The aim is to provide the Museum of Contemporary Art with a recognisable identity and the improvement of conditions for realizing its programme.

In cooperation with the Public Relations Department, the Marketing Department coordinates the entire presentation of exhibitions and other programmes of MSU with respect to its partners and the general public. Beginning with the implementation of its visual identity and ending with research on the cultural market in the framework of presenting and realizing its specific programmes, the aim of the Department's promotional activities is to create a recognizable, stable, and attractive brand for the institution. Precisely that public visibility is taken as a starting point for successful fund raising, which is of exceptional significance in view of the fact that positive cooperation with sponsors and donors in the form of partnership is an increasingly important aspect of institutional business in Croatia.

Beside the strategic and operational support to all departments within MSU, the Marketing Department promotes and organizes its own marketing programmes and campaigns, such as the annual, organized in cooperation with the most prominent partner of MSU: Croatian Telecom. The annual award is granted through a competition, after which the awarded projects are purchased for the Museum's collection, within which they constitute a separate T-HT Collection.

The regular activities of the Marketing Department also include the organization of events and public manifestations (event management), such as annual conventions of donors and sponsors, as well as participation in popular events such as Museum Night and Museum Day.

Last but not least, one should mention the sales segment, increasingly recognized in the field of culture as one of the main indicators of the efficiency and quality of an institution, which is why it is justified to speak of a cultural market as one that inevitably and closely accompanies the cultural scene.

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