The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Audio-Visual Department

The Audio-Visual Department was established in 1997 as a multifunctional department at MSU. Its task is to produce, document, and preserve audio-visual material from the field of visual arts, as well as to collect, process, and present audio-visual documentation linked to the activity of individuals, groups, and institutions that have been active in the field of contemporary art in Croatia and abroad.

Department of Experimental Research

The Department of Experimental Research is involved in various forms of creative research in the field of contemporary art and of new or experimental forms of artistic, exhibition-related, or curating practice. Its task is also to promote a dialogue amongst various creative disciplines, and to contribute through its research to the development of segments of contemporary art that are open to new and unknown areas where art, science, and technology often overlap. The Department encourages experimentation as a method of developing various curating procedures, as well as cooperation among curators, theoreticians, and artists on joint projects. This form of activity is realized through various innovative projects, exhibitions, events, publications, and presentations.

Documentation and Information Department

The Museum of Contemporary Art houses the most extensive documentation on contemporary art in Croatia. Apart from the materials linked to events within MSU or organized by it, the Documentation Department also collects, processes, and presents the textual and audio-visual documents that are relevant for the activity of individuals, groups, and institutions in the field of contemporary art, both in Croatia and abroad. These materials are classified into several units: a scholarly archive of visual arts, a collection of newspaper clippings, a photographic collection, a video collection, and an audio collection.

Library Department

MSU Library

The Museum's library was established shortly after the foundation of MSU (then Contemporary Art Gallery) in 1954 and today is among the richest Croatian libraries in the field of modern and contemporary art. Its holdings have been growing alongside those of the Museum, and a large part of the literature on artists or phenomena represented in the Museum's collection can be found in the library. Its holdings are classified into several sections: scholarly journals, exhibition catalogues on contemporary art in Croatia and from various world museums, theoretical literature, and literature from the fields of architecture, photography, design, film, the new media, comic strips, music, and fashion, as well as some audio-visual materials.


msu education

msu education is a collective term for the programmes of the Educational Department of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb - we organise and conduct numerous educational actions, including creative workshops, encounters with artists, guided tours, lectures, round tables, symposia, interdisciplinary projects and EU funded projects.

Conservation and Restoration Department

The Conservation and Restoration Department at MSU was founded in 1999. Its main tasks are the preventive protection, conservation and restoration of works of art, as well as research on various materials, techniques, and technologies applied in the making of MSU collections.

Performance and Exhibition Department

The Performance and Exhibition Department places an emphasis on three main elements in its activity: multimedia theatre, production and organization of exhibitions, and related activities and publishing.

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