Zoltan Novak - World without Measure


Zoltan Novak - World without Measure

09.02.2019 - 10.03.2019 / Prostor za povremene izložbe, 2. kat

Zoltan Novak, one of our most important painter of middle generation, is being presented here at the Museum of Contemporary Art with series The World Without Measure. In these works, Novak depicts everyday events in his immediate surroundings, events and news from the media and their social and ethical implications.


“He is completely open toward and interested in different artistic stimuli or sensations, but remains firmly loyal to the painting media and the act of painting...The series World Without Measure is a saga of some sort, about an individual who is seeking to discover and come to terms with the purpose of his existence, desperately trying to distance himself from the lonely crowd in the process.” (From Vanja Babic’s text for the exhibition.)

Curator of the exhibition: Snježana Pintarić


Opening program:
6. 30 p.m. - Artist Talk: Snježana Pintarić,  Marija Selak,  Zoltan Novak
7 p.m. - Exhibition opening
19.45 p.m. - Oridano Gypsy Jazz Band concert