Notice of postponement of all public events at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb



In accordance with the recommendations of the National Civil Protection Headquarters and the precautionary measures of the Croatian Institute of Public Health due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Museum of Contemporary Art has decided to to postpone all public gatherings planned in the coming period (talks, conferences, film projections, concerts, workshops, lectures etc.)

We will notify you on the new dates those events will take place.

Museum of Contemporary Art remains open to visitors according to regular working hours until different decisions of the competent authorities have been issued.

In doing so, the Museum is taking preventive measures to protect visitors and employees - disinfectants that operate on the principle of sensory contactless activation, as well as instructions from the Croatian Institute of Public Health regarding preventive coronavirus (COVID-19) protection which are placed on video plasma at the reception desk and in printed form at the main entrance to the Museum.

Thank you for your understanding.




Notice of preventive measures taken by the Museum to protect against coronavirus (COVID-19)



Dear visitors,

We wish to inform you about the preventive measures the Museum is implementing in order to protect our visitors and employees from coronavirus (COVID-19):