Sandra Sterle: Figments of Time / Prividi vremena

21.02.2023. - 26.03.2023. / MSU, Black Box


Sandra Sterle is working with the processes of performing and multimedia installations based on experimental film structure. Figments of Time is focused on her ongoing practice of biographical research, archiving and self-archiving in linear and non linear forms of relating to documentation and memory.  Her discourse revolving around her relationship with her grandfather formulates a non-linear film-structure with installation units that can be seen as separate entities or fragments that are assembled together to form a single unit. A possible layer of her long term project and current exhibition is an attempt  to read her own art practice through her granfather’s biography. (From the text of Olivia Nițiș)


Body and Territory: Art and Borders in Today's Austria

07.12.2022. - 16.04.2023. / MSU, 3. kat


The exhibition Body and Territory: Art and Borders in Today's Austria departsfrom two dominant tendencies that mark contemporary art in Austria. It focuses on the tradition of radical performance and feminist legacy while giving a voice to those who are silenced—women, queer individuals, immigrants, refugees and migrants. Thirty artists and art collectives in more than seventy  works demonstrate how the vulnerability, that emerged in Austrian art as a dominant topic in the early 20th century. by the late 1960s, became the main medium of radical forms of political resistance.


Comradeship / Collection as a Verb

07.07.2022. - 31.12.2023. / MSU, 1. kat


'Comradeship' exhibition is the second in a series called Collection as a Verb, which we are doing as a team, to redefine the concept of a museum and the social context in which it is located. After the the first exhibition – 'Sad Songs of War', about war and violence, 'Comradeship' opens up the themes of solidarity and compassion, the role of art and museums in improving the world. The word 'camaraderie' has the same root as society, and comrades are connected by affection, cooperation, connection with an idea or work.

That's why 'Comradeship' presents works from the collections of Museum's art collectives, as well as works by artists realized in cooperation with various communities. Ranging from today's canonized neo-avant-garde to recent participatory research, 24 artists and art collectives show the innovative ways in which they can contribute to change, and even improvement, both for individuals and communities. 


Sad Songs of War / Collection as a Verb

05.04.2022. - 31.12.2023. / MSU, 1. kat


The first sequence of presenting works from the fundus of the Museum is conceived as an answer to the current situation. It is a desire to express solidarity and empathy with the country undergoing a tragedy similar to that which is still fresh in our memory. The exhibition was named after the sound work by the Lithuanian artist, Deimantas Narkevičius, produced in 2014 in the period of the first protests, unrests, and plights in The Ukraine, on the Independence Square in Kyiv.