Sean Scully: The Passenger – A Retrospective exhibition

16.11.2022. - 12.03.2023. / MSU, 1. i 2. kat povremenih izložbi


On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 7:30 p.m., the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb will open the large retrospective exhibition Passenger of the American abstract painter Sean Scully, one of the leading and exceptionally successful artists of his generation. The author of the exhibition is Dávid Fehér, director of the Central European Research Institute for Art History and curator of 20th-century contemporary art at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, while Jasna Jakšić, Ivana Kancir, and Ana Škegro have curated the Zagreb exhibition. The retrospective presents sixty-four of Scully’s seminal artworks – canvases, works on paper, photographs, and sculptures – as an extremely valuable cross-section of the painter’s work over the past 50 years. It will be open until March 12, 2023, during which time a diverse educational programme will be organized for children, youth, adults, and persons with visual and hearing impairments, as well as different, thematically oriented guided tours. The accompanying programme will begin with Scully’s lecture on November 16 at 6:00 p.m. in MSU’s Gorgona Hall.


Comradeship / Collection as a Verb

07.07.2022. - 31.12.2023. / MSU, 1. kat


'Comradeship' exhibition is the second in a series called Collection as a Verb, which we are doing as a team, to redefine the concept of a museum and the social context in which it is located. After the the first exhibition – 'Sad Songs of War', about war and violence, 'Comradeship' opens up the themes of solidarity and compassion, the role of art and museums in improving the world. The word 'camaraderie' has the same root as society, and comrades are connected by affection, cooperation, connection with an idea or work.

That's why 'Comradeship' presents works from the collections of Museum's art collectives, as well as works by artists realized in cooperation with various communities. Ranging from today's canonized neo-avant-garde to recent participatory research, 24 artists and art collectives show the innovative ways in which they can contribute to change, and even improvement, both for individuals and communities. 


Sad Songs of War / Collection as a Verb

05.04.2022. - 31.12.2023. / MSU, 1. kat


The first sequence of presenting works from the fundus of the Museum is conceived as an answer to the current situation. It is a desire to express solidarity and empathy with the country undergoing a tragedy similar to that which is still fresh in our memory. The exhibition was named after the sound work by the Lithuanian artist, Deimantas Narkevičius, produced in 2014 in the period of the first protests, unrests, and plights in The Ukraine, on the Independence Square in Kyiv.



Collection as a Verb

05.04.2022. - 31.12.2022. / MSU, 1. kat


This is the first in a series of exhibitions with the joint title Collection as a Verb, which will be created as a team effort, so as to redefine the concept of the museum and the social context in which it is situated. The title of the cycle is inspired by the poem “Freedom Is a Verb” by Slovenian poet Boris A. Novak. The exhibitions are not a finished project, but rather a process and swift reaction to the events around us. If we consider the collection a verb – an action, a state of being, or an occurrence – our team, together with the artists and the community, is a subject operating in time.