One of all: artist talk and performative presentation of works by Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe


One of all: artist talk and performative presentation of works by Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe

04.04.2024 - 04.04.2024 / MSU

We invite you to the lecture by the current MSU resident Timo Herbst about his work which will include a performative presentation of works by him and Marcus Nebe in the collection of MSU.

Timo Herbst's interdisciplinary practice takes movements or choreographies from the artistic, everyday and political spheres as the starting point for multimedia installations that include drawing, video and sculpture. His focus is usually on the process of creating a gesture or form. This ranges from recordings of the transformation of places or movements, such as the creation process of a dance choreography by William Forsythe, to the physical expression of dissent or gestures of public resistance. In his works he often combines formal visual effects with socially relevant aspects of content, as his interest in the emergence of significant images of collective action and collective memory is linked to the penetration of the mechanisms of gestural and physical forms of expression and their means of representation.

Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe have worked together since 2013 and focus besides their individual practices in their collaboration on the communication and collective actions in public space. For example in their ongoing 5-channel video installation Play by rules they examine since 2015 how international media as well as private persons produce images, and how the process of this image making affects the dynamics of bodies in specific sites and situations of protest and states of emergencies.

In their pop-up evening at MSU Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe invite visitors to a conversation about individual and collective bodies in society in different parts of the world for their current project Positionings. The two artists initiate conversations between them and participants while simultaneously doing body scans. They will then use those scans, with participants’ permissions, to create 3D prints and animations out of them. The LED animations Geste which will be temporarily on display at MSU shows earlier results of that process.



TIMO HERBST received his diploma with distinction from the University of Arts in Bremen and the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig including Meisterschüler (student of honour) in 2016. His work is shown in museums and galleries in Germany and abroad. Recent exhibitions include: Parc de La Villette Paris, Fondation Fiminco Paris/Romainville, Solo Kunsthalle Göppingen 2023 (with Marcus Nebe), Ava Gallery Cape Town (South Africa) 2023, Solo LOAF Kyoto (Japan)(with Marcus Nebe) 2022, ZAK-Center for Contemporary Art Berlin 2022, Kunstzeughaus Rapperswil (Switzerland) 2021, Grassimuseum Leipzig 2020, Bauhaus Museum Dessau 2019, Solo artothek - Museums Cologne 2019 and more. He was a fellow of the Goethe Institut Villa Kamogawa Kyoto (Japan), Yarat Contemporary Art Center Baku (Azerbaijan), Künstlerhaus Munich, Cité Internationales des Arts Paris, Fiminco Foundation Paris/Romainville, Kunstfonds Bonn and Akademie der Künste Berlin. 2016-2018 he was a fellow in the interdisciplinary research project “Arts and Science in Motion” of the Volkswagen Foundation via FU Berlin and HBK Braunschweig. Currently he is doing a project residency at the MSU Zagreb. @studiotimoherbst

MARCUS NEBE received his media art diploma in 2015 at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig in the visual arts class taught by Helmut Mark. His video installations, sculptures and films are exhibited in museums and galleries in Germany and abroad as well as at international film festivals including the 2023 Art Encounters Biennial in Timișoara (România), at the Collegium Helveticum of ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 2023, Kunsthalle Göppingen (with Timo Herbst) 2023, the Laboratory of Art and Form (LOAF) Kyoto Japan (with Timo Herbst) 2022, at the NGO International Film Festival in Nairobi, Kenya 2022, at Haunt Berlin (with Timo Herbst) 2021, at Bauhaus Museum Dessau 2021 and at the Goethe Institute in Tokyo Japan 2021. In 2022, he spent a residency at Paradise AIR in Matsudo (Japan) and received the NEUSTART KULTUR grant from Kunstfonds Bonn for a cinematic research trip. He also received project funding from the Fonds Soziokultur in 2022 for the social art project "Tangled Up in You". Since 2020, he has been filming music videos with the queer artist Ponga Mi$$i funded by the Initiative Musik as well as with the Leipzig band Automatik Amore and the Gellért Szabó Ideal Orchestra. @marcusnebe

The program is supported by: the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, Culture Moves Europe program.

Image captions: Timo Herbst and Marcus Nebe, Geste, 3.20 min, 3 LED Fans, 2023