Ana Hušman: A person without a house is homeless, what is a house without a person?


Ana Hušman: A person without a house is homeless, what is a house without a person?

25.11.2021 - 30.01.2022 / Zbirka Richter

A house is a house. A home. A measure. An island. An experience. An inheritance. A loan. A property. A community. A life goal. An image that never existed, or one that suddenly disappears without a trace. But what is a house without a person? Still a house, it would seem. What is it that gets labelled, archived, conserved when someone’s private space becomes a museum? What connects the protocols of protection, touch and care in the case of a private house and a public institution? 

On-line exhibition and book:

Ana Hušman’s cinematic installation was created specifically for the space housing the Richter Collection. Hušman spent two years researching the collection, archive and the Kareš Richter couple's flat. Visitors are invited to walk through the house, be exposed to potential scenarios within the space, and be guided by dialogic clues based on Vjenceslav Richter's writings. By deconstructing the classic museological protocols of selection and exhibition, viewing and moving through a display, Hušman has created a peephole, one opening up to the sites, thoughts and ideas of the previous owners. Finally, Hušman gives equal weight to the other person whose name the collection bears, Nada Kareš Richter. Her embodied appearance signals all those bodies for whom cities, roads, streets, flats are not made to measure.


Curators: Jasna Jakšić, Ivana Meštrov

Exhibition setup: Ana Hušman, Jasna Jakšić, Ivana Meštrov, Ivan Slipčević

Technical setup:  Aleksandar Milošević, Zdenko Zavalić, Zvonko Župančić

Director of photography: Ivan Slipčević

Editing and image post-production: Iva Kraljević

Music, sound design and dubbing mixer: Ivan Zelić

Sound post-production: STUDIO NAZOR

Featuring: Sonja Pregrad, Bojan Mrđenović

Translation: Billie Grace Hewitt Pavlica

Production: Studio Pangolin



Nicole Hewitt, Dubravko Mihanović, Marina Jurišić, Ivana Završki, Lora Rajičić, Zoran Svrtan, Umjetnički paviljon u Zagrebu / Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Muzej za umjetnosti i obrt / The Museum of Arts and Crafts

The exhibition and the publication have been realised with the financial support of the City of Zagreb and Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Croatia.