Education department


Education department

Museum of Contemporary Art's Education Department designs and implements various programs, including creative workshops, art education programs and courses, meetings with artists, guided tours, lectures, round tables, symposia, interdisciplinary projects, EU funded projects... All these programs are integrated under the collective term msu education and are aimed at all visitors – from children and young people to people in their 'third age'. The main purpose of these programs is to bring contemporary art and culture closer to the general public. We want to make the Museum a pleasant, creative and inspiring environment for all visitors! Most programs are implemented by our curators and museum educators, but we also collaborate with numerous external experts and educators in order to provide diverse programs and rich experience for our visitors.  
Please read below for more information on the regular and special programs of the Museum of Contemporary Art's Education Department and how to participate in them...



The Museum of Contemporary Art curators and specially trained guides will guide you through the Museum's temporary exhibitions. Depending on your interests and preferences you can choose from several types of guided tours we have prepared for you, so that each of your visit is fully tailored to your needs. Please book the desired tour at least three days in advance by email at:    



A thirty-minute guided tour for kindergarten age groups. This interactive guided tour includes a selective walk through and a sensory experience of the Museum of Contemporary Art's adapted to kindergarten children. 

Maximum number of participants: 30 children accompanied by a minimum of one adult

Fee: 100,00 kn



Forty-five-minute tours of the Museum's temporary exhibitions. These tours familiarise visitors with the selection of key works and artists who have shaped the modern and contemporary art scene in Croatia and the world.

Maximum number of participants: 30 visitors
Fee: 110,00 kn



A pre-planned exclusive guided tour for up to 15 visitors that includes a guided tour and a souvenir from the Museum of Contemporary Art. The theme and duration of the tour are customized to the client’s wishes. In addition, the tour can also include: sparkling wine / coffee / cakes served before or after the tour, as well as brunch.

Fee: 500,00 kn



REGULAR GUIDED TOURS: Free tour of temporary exhibitions are offered Tuesday to Sunday at 3 p.m. and Saturdays at 4 p.m. for groups of minimum five people. This offer does not include exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Gallery.  

TOUR 60+: Free guided tour of temporary exhibitions for 60+ visitors and pensioners must be booked in advance by email at:, indicating “Tour 60+“.




On Saturdays between 11.30 a.m. and 1 p.m. we organise creative and educational workshops for children aged 6 to 14 years. The workshops focus on certain artworks from the Museum collection or current exhibitions and provide a fun and educational experience for our youngest visitors. Participation in the workshops is free of charge. However, due to a limited number of participants, application is required at least a day in advance, by email at



Museum of Contemporary Art's family educational workshop, held first Saturday of each month, is intended for children aged 5 to 13 years accompanied by an adult. The educational program and workshop will familiarise the participants with works of art and encourage them to discover their own inner artist. The purpose of the educational program is to develop creativity, teamwork and knowledge in pre-school and school children, and to create a platform where little ones and big ones can play together. The program fee is 10 kn per person, and materials and tools are provided by the Museum. Due to a limited number of participants, application is required by email at     



Museum of Contemporary Art Adventure is an art education program lasting three school periods, intended for primary and secondary school students. The aim of the project is to bring art and culture closer to young people through encounters with original works of art. The implementation of a 135-minute-long educational workshop is divided into three units. The first one, lasting 45 minutes, includes a guided tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibitions that focuses on artworks, artists and concepts from the school curriculum. The second unit is dedicated to creating student works inspired by the works of art, with the workshop materials provided by the Museum. The third unit is reserved for the final presentation of the acquired knowledge and students' creative work, followed by an unmissable slide down the Carsten Höller's slide. Besides education and development of creative processes in children and young people, this project also aims to develop an interest in visiting museums and galleries and to foster the development of civic and cultural competencies.    

The project is also appropriate for both kindergarten and student age.

The admission fee for the museum Adventure project is 30 kn per student.  

Project contact person: Ivana Gorički, phone 016067704,



Museum of Contemporary Art Youth Club was established within the project “Translocal: Museum as Toolbox” in June 2016, however it has outlived the project itself. Museum Of Contemporary Art Youth Club brings together a group of young people aged 15 to 25 years who are taught by the Museum of Contemporary Art's educators about contemporary art and culture, importance, role and work of the Museum. These young people are encouraged to actively participate in designing and implementing individual programs from various areas of museum activities. Club members are joined in their curiosity and interest in art, they engage in joint activities and discussions and talk about what the museum of the future should look like and how to make it an attractive and exciting destination for young people.

Some of the Club's activities include conversations with artists, round tables, guided tours and other activities designed by young people for young people. From a completely personal point of view, Club members choose a topic to be researched and discussed. They also try to encourage young and general public to join the discussion.         

Museum Of Contemporary Art Youth Club mentors: Ana Škegro and Sonja Barbarić

Museum Of Contemporary Art Youth Club Facebook page:

Museum Of Contemporary Art Youth Club Instagram profile:

To participate in the Club’s activities send a letter of motivation and a short CV to:




In October 2018 we launched a year-round drawing and painting art education program titled MSU Art Class. This program focuses on various drawing and painting techniques, complemented by the study of artworks exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It also includes free visits to permanent and current exhibitions, as well as meetings with artists.

The art education program is divided into two semesters. The first semester began in October 2018 and will last until February 2019, and the second semester begins in February and ends in June 2019. Following each 60-hour semester course, the Museum of Contemporary Art will host an exhibition featuring the selection of the best participants' works.

The first semester is devoted to learning practical skills (drawing and painting), and the second semester to improving these skills, with an emphasis on finding one's own artistic expression. Participants can enrol only in the first part of the program, whereas the second semester can only be taken by the participants who have completed the first semester or those who demonstrate a sufficient level of practical knowledge and skills to follow the second part of the program beginning in February 2019.       

For more information and application please contact us via e-mail at



Guided tours of temporary exhibitions led by artists, who either talk about their artistic work and opus or about a specific topic related to individual social and artistic events. Meetings with artists are organized as a part of accompanying exhibition programs.    



We are dedicated to inclusion and we aim to listen to the needs of visitors with disabilities and anyone to whom the museum has been inaccessible so far. With the aim of raising awareness, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s educational programs are intended for all visitors, and they strive to encourage vulnerable and deprived groups to engage and actively participate in the Museum’s programs. By prior arrangement and according to individual visitors’ needs we will provide special guided tours in collaboration with external experts. With the desire to make the Museum accessible to everyone, to provide access that would connect all visitors, we are open to suggestions and expert assistance of related associations. We invite you to help us make our programs interesting and accessible to everyone.



Do you have a few hours of free time a week and wish to spend it in a creative way? If you would like to become a part of the dynamic Education team, apply to for Museum volunteer program – send your CV and motivation letter with the subject “Museum of Contemporary Art Volunteer“ and our team will contact you and invite you for an interview. We will prepare you to give tours of the temporary exhibitions, as well as to participate in many other programs and activities. We thank you for your trust and we promise that an inside look will provide you with a new and exciting vision of contemporary art and the Museum itself.