Exhibition history


Cinemas of Resistance: Milica Rakić – Red, If You Didn’t Exist…

16.05.2024. - 23.06.2024. / MSU, Black Box


A revolutionary of the code name Red is the central protagonist of Milica Rakić’s experimental film Red, If You Didn’t Exist, We Would Have to Invent You. She is a thwarted fighter and activist, a woman transitioning between two times and two worlds, trapped between non-freedom and a possibility of a new revolution.   


Julije Knifer — from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art

11.04.2024. - 12.05.2024. / MSU, 3. kat


The connection between Julije Knifer (Osijek, 1924 – Paris, 2004) and the Museum of Contemporary Art is long and intense, as testified by a large number of works kept in the Museum, from the earliest to the iconic ones.


Women to Women Collective: The soil remembers. Do you?

28.03.2024. - 26.05.2024. / MSU, 1. kat



المثارات : التراب يذكر .  هل أنت؟

محرک ها: خاک به یاد می آورد.  آیا تو؟

The Soil Remembers. Do You? is a project from the Triggers series with which we present the work, the commemorative action of the Women to Women collective. The project was inspired by the piece Observers by Ivana Popović from the Museum of Contemporary Art Collections, consisting of a large number of small human heads in clay, different in form, but sharing one coherent component – expressive eyes.


Tomislav Gotovac a.k.a. Antonio G. Lauer: Ascending Descending Genealogy

09.02.2024. - 26.05.2024. / MSU, 1. i 2. kat povremenih izložbi


Artistic oeuvre of the multimedia artist Tomislav Gotovac (1937. – 2010.) has been controversial throughout his lifetime. However, today his work is highly appreciated in artistic circles all over the world and his works are held at the most prestigious international collections. Furthermore, Gotovac was and remains a part of Zagreb urban and popular iconography, favoured by wide public due to his provocative art interventions and performances.


Realise! Resist! React! Performance and Politics in the Post-Yugoslav Context of the 1990s

14.12.2023. - 17.03.2024. / MSU, 3. kat


Following the 1990s – the decade of major changes – different countries and historical time zones arose in the small-scale territory of the formerly joint Federation. Created in wars, in more-or-less successful political and economic transitions, they often readily disowned their legacy.


His Supporting Hand – Curating the Curator: Davor Matičević

09.11.2023. - 11.02.2024. / MSU, Black Box


His Supporting Hand – Curating the Curator: Davor Matičević is the latest exhibition from the Triggers cycle, Museum of Contemporary Art’s invitation to artists, curators and curatorial collectives for a critical review or a response to the museum holdings. It opens on Thursday, 9 November 2023 at 19:00, at MCA’s Black Box. The exhibition name is a quote by Ivan Posavec from an interview published in the magazine 15 Dana, explaining how a large part of his photographic work, as well as the work of Mio Vesović, would not exist without Matičević’s support.


Vlatka Horvat: Good Company / “Triggers”

14.09.2023. - 12.11.2023. / MSU, 2. kat


Vlatka Horvat’s Good Company presents a selection of works from the museum's Sculpture collection through the lens of the artist’s practice.

In the space of the exhibition, small groups of works from different eras and artistic movements are placed in dialogue with each other. Figurative pieces and abstract works sit side by side, and their spatial arrangements underscore contrasts and connections between different formal gestures and sculptural materials. Horvat’s selection and presentation of works offers a playful, dynamic view of the grouped sculptures, their relations, connections and possible interpretations.  



The Motovun Encounters

12.09.2023. - 15.10.2023. / Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti, Rijeka


* Opening: 12/9/2023, at 8 pm

The Motovun Encounters is an international group exhibition dedicated to the research of artist encounters in Motovun. Taking a retrospective view of the history of The Motovun Encounters, and relying on museum documentation, archival materials and selected works of art from different museum collections, it gives an overview of the international manifestation, contributing to its research valorization and contextualization


Capable of Idealism (2023)

31.08.2023. - 05.11.2023. / MSU, 2. kat


Taras Gembik, Yulia Krivich, Kaja Kusztra / The "Sunflower" Solidarity Community Center

„We chose to carry out a performative reenactment of the 1981 Vlado Martek work, Capable of Idealism (Sposoban za idealizam). In our performance, Martek’s practice of visualizing poetry turned into a starting point for posing questions about sharing profits, power, and pleasures in the institutional space. Social structures in an art institution can be questioned using critical methods, but can they be consumed together?


Possibilities for 2023 – Arcades Project by Željko Beljan

04.07.2023. - 06.09.2023. / MSU, Black Box


In the last few years, in his artistic practice, Željko Beljan has been focusing almost exclusively on handicraft and its position in contemporary artistic practices, where he explores craft techniques as an artistic medium. Traditional handicraft techniques have been rooted in his family for generations, and have been present in his life from his early years. But it was only through his research of the contemporary craft that he realized its strength and interesting position at the dividing line between everyday functional objects and artistic objects. The Arcades Project arose as a result of his interest in a wide range of materials in the context of a practice dedicated to handicraft—in addition to his work with textiles, while creating board games, he works with wood by hand, where he explores the relationship between handiwork and amateur, hobbyist participation in sports (and games in general), placing an emphasis on the participation and involvement of the audience in the realization of his works.