The Audio-Visual Department


The Audio-Visual Department

The Audio-Visual Department was established in 1997 as a multifunctional department at MSU. Its task is to produce, document, and preserve audio-visual material from the field of visual arts, as well as to collect, process, and present audio-visual documentation linked to the activity of individuals, groups, and institutions that have been active in the field of contemporary art in Croatia and abroad.

Within the framework of MSU, the Department documents and preserves all activities of the museum (exhibitions, lectures, seminars, educational activities, etc.) and organizes the presentation of visual documentation for all museum departments. Together with the Documentation Department and the Marketing Department, as well as the managers of the Film and Video Collection and the New Media Art Collection, it supports the production of films and video features.

The department also produces audio-visual documentary material covering the annual production of the Museum and processes the museum holdings in digital format for documentation and reproduction purposes. The material accumulated and produced is then processed, digitized, and computer catalogued to make it user-accessible. Since 1990, the entire activity of MSU has been covered and recorded in one form or another, which also holds true for other contemporary artistic events in Croatia and abroad. Thus, the Department's archive currently holds more than 300 items from the field of contemporary artistic production.

In 2002, the Audio-Visual Department launched the production of film biographies dedicated to distinguished Croatian visual artists and art groups. Three films have been produced so far: "Exat 51 i konstruktivističke tendencije u hrvatskoj umjetnosti" (Exat 51 and Constructivist Tendencies in Croatian Art), "Vjenceslav Richter", and "Jakov Bratanić".


Department manager: Ivana Kancir, senior curator