Permanent collection


Wishing to re-define the semantic potential of the term permanent display and make the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art accessible at one single display point, in the new museum building by architect Igor Franić, we have coined a new term: Collection in Motion.

With this term we intend to initiate and demonstrate improvements in the presentation, communication, and interpretation of the artworks in our collection. We also wish to emphasise the major characteristics of contemporary art: movement, change, transience, and uncertainty. Therefore, the museological concept of the Collection in Motion is characterized by a flexible frame, constant readiness for change, and the possibility of re-arrangement, enhancement, or reduction of particular units.

Collection in Motion truly has a transient character, in both time and space, and on the physical and mental level, because certain units/groups and the works within them will be successively interchanged, added to, or reduced.

Nada Beroš and Tihomir Milovac, authors




I. Project and Destiny


PROJECT AND DESTINY encompasses artists and groups of artists who have identified their lives with programmatic goals set before art. In fact, they equate ethics and aesthetics.


II. Art as Life


Apart from the traditional question of how a work of art comes into being, today we often ask ourselves how, when, and to where has the artwork disappeared? Has it turned into something else? Into life itself? ART AS LIFE?


III. Art on Art


When art looks into itself, we may call this approach introversion. Much of artistic production in the twentieth century has emerged in direct dialogue with art, in interaction with its language and history.


IV. Great World Enigma


When in 1972 the Swiss critic and curator Harald Szeemann introduced the term individual mythologies a Documenta 5 in Kassel, we could hardly foresee that this oxymoron would become one of the most influential notions in art of the past few decades.


V. Words and Images


We live in an age of eloquent images in which the saying that an image is worth a thousand words is often quoted. We can rightfully ask ourselves how much the thousands of images that bombard us every day are worth. They range from images on the computer screen, billboards, and TV screens to video displays on corporate buildings and in stadiums.


Outdoor projects


Projects in the external space of the Museum are an integral part of Collection in Motion and are located in the outdoor areas of the Museum - on access terraces, on the roof, beneath the wings of the building, and elsewhere.