A Walk with Tošo


A Walk with Tošo

29.03.2023 - 30.09.2023 / Zagreb

Small black and white photos were placed at 12 different locations in Zagreb as part of the project – A Walk with Tošo. They are an invitation to explore both the collection of Zagreb's great photographer and the city.

Tošo Dabac (1907 – 1970) is one of Croatia’s most significant photographers. For decades, he photographically studied and rediscovered motifs on the streets of Zagreb while working in his iconic Studio located in the mezzanine at 17 Ilica Street. Due to numerous commissions, he traveled the areas of former Yugoslavia several times over, but always returned to Zagreb and its streets.

The 1-hour walking tour named A Walk with Tošo reconnects the historical place of his studio on Ilica, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, where his collection is currently placed. Each photo is accompanied by a short description that reveals more about Dabac, one of his phases or a photo, available by reading the QR code below the photo.

MAP with a list of sites

The project A Walk with Tošo was realized with the cooperation of Tošo Dabac Archives and the Meeting Point project and the Friends of MSU, with the support of the City of Zagreb and the courtesy of the family of Petar Dabac and Maja Moro, tenants of Ilica 17 and Mrs. Nevenka Koričančić, and in cooperation with trades, institutions and businesses: Bacchus, jazz bar / Palma Tourist Agency / Concert Hall Vatroslav Lisinski / Musical Pandemic / Autoservis Vugrin / Rockmark Music Bookshop / Borovo / Ljevak Bookstore / Br00m44.

The photos used are part of Tošo Dabac Archives and are the property of the City of Zagreb.

SOON: The publication Tošo Dabac: Flâneur with a Camera will be available in the shop of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The promotion of the edition consisting of a selection of 48 photos from his oeuvre and the A Walk with Tošo will be held on the occasion of Toša Dabac's birthday and National Museum Day on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 6 p.m. at the MSU shop.

Project curator: Renata Filčić

Selection of sites and photographs: Friends of MSU

Project assistant: Ela Domitrović

Executive editor: Jadranka Pintarić

Translation: Mirta Jurilj

Design and layout: Petar Vranjković