Goran Trbuljak If I Were an Artist, I Would Be a Genius*

02.07.2024. - 08.09.2024. / MSU, 1. i 2. kat povremenih izložbi


Goran Trbuljak, one of Croatia’s most significant conceptual artists, has never entered the new building of the MSU until this exhibition. Following a re-invitation to hold an exhibition, he decided to accept it, but only after thoroughly elaborating his ‘pro’ and ‘con’ arguments with a text which he self-published last year: “Some thoughts and doubts on the topic of my current and potential future relationship with the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb”.


Mutual Presence

19.06.2024. - 02.08.2024. / Galerija Art&CeRZe


For the first time, the exhibition Mutual Presence will showcase works by artists from the Collection of Outsider Art of the Museum of Contemporary Art alongside the works of artists with intellectual disabilities who are active within the inclusive gallery Art & CeRZe, Centre for Rehabilitation Zagreb. Although it is still not fully socially accepted in our country to exhibit artists without formal art education, let alone the artists who are users of the Rehabilitation Centre, within conventional exhibition spaces, this exhibition aims to show that art has always pushed boundaries, both in the perception of art itself, as well as in the acceptance of diversity.