Nam June Paik - In the Groove

13.12.2022. - 28.02.2023. / MSU, 2. kat


The exhibition Nam June Paik - In the Groove features the delightful early experimental art practice of this clever and playful pioneer of media art. Akin to a TV signal or internet impulse, his groundbreaking multimedia work reverberated globally throughout the art world.

Signals, parallels and reflections in the „groove“ of Nam June Paik can be found in Croatian and regional artworks which resonate and crossover many of Paik’s most prominent postulations.


Body and Territory: Art and Borders in Today's Austria

07.12.2022. - 26.03.2023. / MSU, 3. kat


The exhibition Body and Territory: Art and Borders in Today's Austria departsfrom two dominant tendencies that mark contemporary art in Austria. It focuses on the tradition of radical performance and feminist legacy while giving a voice to those who are silenced—women, queer individuals, immigrants, refugees and migrants. Thirty artists and art collectives in more than seventy  works demonstrate how the vulnerability, that emerged in Austrian art as a dominant topic in the early 20th century. by the late 1960s, became the main medium of radical forms of political resistance.