Conference European Culture of Resistance against Fascisms


Conference European Culture of Resistance against Fascisms

20.03.2021 - 20.03.2021 /

Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
20.3.2021, online
Registration: Untill March 18, 2021

In English

Free of Charge

The Europe we inhabit today developed as a project in resistance to its past fascisms. But are fascisms only found in the past? This day-long workshop and exchange meeting explores resistance against fascisms as a performative, artistic, cultural, digital and educational instrument of realizing (European) community. Renown artists, curators, scientists, and education experts will discuss openly and co-creatively artistic and communal possibilities of fighting fascist ideas with youth and participants of cultural institutions from Europe, Israel and the U.S. The workshops assemble excellent artistic, curatorial and educational practices with divergent perspectives on the topic - from remembrance cultures to art to activism - to develop new lines and spheres of cooperation.


Why a culture of resistance? Culture is the arts and more than arts; culture is the way we do things, see things, hope for and understand things, the way we stay healthy, partaking and connected. Todays' Europe itself is a project in resistance to the wars and atrocities of the 20th century. This workshop and exchange meeting creates a platform and basis for a cooperation across cultural, historical, and educational institutions and individuals to address the challenges of the present, specifically: how to find a new culture of socio-political and artistic expression of resistance against fascisms, while coming together on a European level? 

After a short welcome and introduction, participants split into one of the four thematic workshops: Arts of Resistance, Communities of Resistance, Digital Resistance, Education of Resistance. (Please subscribe beforehand via the links below.) Before the lunch break, young people from Austria, Croatia, Germany and Italy will speak about their artistic and research process in the pilot project ART WORKS! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation. Concluding the day, Jonathan Horowitz will give a lecture on his artistic and curatorial work, followed by Q&A with Wolfgang Tillmans.

Workshops with Barbara Staudinger & Sebastian Cichocki (Arts of Resistance); Galia Bar-Or & Milica Tomic (Communities of Resistance); Total Refusal: Digital Disarmament Movement & Keinen Pixel den Faschisten (Digital Resistance); Jean-Philippe Restoueix, Roman Fröhlich, Katja Pratschke & Active Bystander Training (Education of Resistance)

In cooperation with University of Applied Arts ViennaNavigating Dizziness Together FWF Peek AR-598, Foundation Between Bridges, HASENHERZ Vienna and Foundation wannseeforum, Berlin.

About Resistance © Abram Tomasi, Gessica de Oliva, Samira Mosca, Lucia Rose Buffa, Tomas Grosello, Camilla Saiz, Giada Cardillo, Nicole Fersko