„MOVING IS A MUST!“ I.K. - Homage to Ivan Kožarić: Thematic Tours


„MOVING IS A MUST!“ I.K. - Homage to Ivan Kožarić: Thematic Tours

16.09.2022 - 18.09.2022 / Zagreb, Novi Zagreb

16 – 18 September / ZAGREB, NOVI ZAGREB

Last year, in the Museum of Contemporary Art, a retrospective exhibition was displayed to commemorate the 100th birthday anniversary of Ivan Kožarić (Petrinja, 1921- Zagreb, 2020) under the title “One of 100 Possible Ones“. As part of the manifestation Artupunktura – Zagreb Art Terapy, homage to this great artist continues with guided tours mapping the Zagreb of Kožarić, scheduled between 16th and 18th September. The tours will be conducted in Croatian and English.

“Moving is a must!” is an exclamation Ivan Kožarić used to express, in a nutshell, the idea that one should always be ready to move. And it is left to us to pay a tribute to a great artist and in this way try to get to the core of that vitality he somehow always managed to infuse into his work, even when he created in the sphere of sculptural plasticity in public spaces where this was least expected. In our strolls around the Zagreb city centre, we will evoke the rich history and the context in which some of his favourite pieces were created: „Grounded Sun“ (1971) and the homage to A.G.Matoš (1978) in the Upper Town, as well as the story of „Ascent“ (1999), one of the highest sculptures in Zagreb which is being temporarily displaced as a part of the Artupunktura project (the Art & the City). The mapping of Zagreb of Kožarić is to encompass some of the many, never implemented, urban interventions with which he boldly defied the conventions of sculptural plasticity, along with the works created as homage to Ivan Kožarić by some other artists.

The second tour is dedicated to Kožarić’s sculptures in Novi Zagreb - the iconic „Bather under Shower“(1956-1981), and the monumental „Hand“ sculpture (2010-2011) installed on the bank of the Sava river, in addition to some other, never fully realized, ideas. The final destination is the Kožarić Atelier, an extraordinary place of constant transformation, open-ended processes and abolished hierarchy - the artist’s “reanimation lab” which finally found its permanent address at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) after being moved around several times.

The concept behind these tours, conducted in English and Croatian, is developed by Rada Iva Janković, senior curator and manager of the Kožarić Atelier (MSU) and Antun Maračić, associate of Kožarić for a number of years, an artist himself and a curator.  Along with the authors, the tours will be conducted by art historians and heritage interpreters Ivana Meštrić and Dorotea Pečarić.

The guided tour project “Moving is a must!I.K. Homage to Ivan Kožarić“ is carried out in cooperation with MSU (as a part of the Adrinetbook project of the INTERREG Adrion EU fund) and the Zagreb Tourist Board.

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Tour schedule (with mandatory reservation of attendance):


Friday, 16th September at 10:00 English; 18:00  Croatian

Sunday, 18th September at 16:00 English; 18:00 Croatian



Saturday, 17th September at 10:30 Croatian; 11:30 English

Sunday, 18th September at 10:30  Croatian; 11:30 English


Mandatory reservation of tour attendance. Contact: Renata Filčić, project coordinator:

+ 385 912927703 or  kozaric@msu.hr.