Museum Of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Fabian Anselm Orasch: Future Archaeology – A Return from the Moon

02.10.2020. - 25.10.2020. / MSU galerija

The Museum of Contemporary Art is organizing an exhibition by the German artist Fabian Anselm Orasch. The exhibition, titled Future Archaeology – A Return from the Moon, will open on 2 October at 7 pm at MSU Gallery.


Art Works! exhibition

08.10.2020. - 08.11.2020. / Otvorena galerija

The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb invites you to the exhibition "Art Works!" created as part of the international interdisciplinary project “Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation” which connects the fields of arts-based research, political and cultural youth education, and remembrance cultures. The exhibition will be presented at the MCA Open Gallery from 8 October to 8 November 2020, then at the Museum Erlauf Erinnert in Austria and at the beginning of 2021 in Berlin. 


Radenko Milak - Disaster of the Unseen or How Europe Fails

15.10.2020. - 29.11.2020. / Muzej suvremene umjetnosti Zagreb

Radenko Milak is a young artist from Banja Luka with a distinguished international career who represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the 58th Venice Biennale in 2017 with the project ‘Universe of Disaster’. For the exhibition at MSU, Radenko Milak will produce completely new series of drawings, large composite murals and scenes as well as several new film animations. This will be their first showing. 


“Dream Catchers“

30.10.2020. - 01.12.2020. / MSU - Prostor za povremene izložbe, 1. kat

The exhibition “Dream Catchers“ gives an overview of the contemporary marginal/outsider art and art brut scene in Croatia and Serbia.