Museum Of Contemporary Art Zagreb



Book launch Jasmina Tumbaš: "I Am Jugoslovenka!” Feminist Performance Politics During & After Yugoslav Socialism

02.06.2022. - 02.06.2022. / MSU, 1. kat

"I am Jugoslovenka" argues that queer-feminist artistic and political resistance were paradoxically enabled by socialist Yugoslavia's unique history of patriarchy and women's emancipation. Spanning performance and conceptual art, video works, film and pop music, lesbian activism and press photos of female snipers in the Yugoslav wars, the book analyses feminist resistance in a range of performative actions that manifest the radical embodiment of Yugoslavia's anti-fascist, transnational and feminist legacies. It covers celebrated and lesser-known artists from the 1970s to today, including Marina Abramović, Sanja Iveković, Vlasta Delimar, Tanja Ostojić, Selma Selman and Helena Janečić, along with music legends Lepa Brena and Esma Redžepova. "I am Jugoslovenka" tells a unique story of women's resistance through the intersection of feminism, socialism and nationalism in East European visual culture.


The 12th International Festival Organ Vida

29.06.2022. - 28.08.2022. / MSU, 1. i 2. kat povremenih izložbi

The 12th International Festival Organ Vida opens on June 29 at the Zagreb's Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb with the main exhibition – No Tears Left to Cry and a solo exhibition of Vivian Sassen

The 12th International Organ Vida Festival will take place from June 29th to August 28th at the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (GMK) and Gallery Nova. The Biennial Festival brings together contemporary artists working in the medium of photography and / or in its expanded form and opens on June 29th at 8 p.m. at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb with the main exhibition No Tears Left to Cry with works by ten finalists selected by an expert jury composed of: Agnieszka Roguski, curator and writer from Berlin, Antonio Cataldo, curator and writer from Oslo, Ivana Meštrov, curator from Zagreb, Jen Kratochvil, curator and critic from Prague and Vienna, and Lovro Japundžić, curator from Zagreb; and with a solo exhibition by the esteemed and award-winning artist Viviane Sassen, who will present a series of photographs and collages Venus & Mercury created from the rich archives of the French castle of Versailles.